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I offer curated flower arrangements for live creative presentations or installations for events ranging from house parties to weddings or banquets.
I create original jewelry with a mix of my beads from Japan and vintage beads from around the world. This unique combination allows me to represent an era and culture in a new light.
I have delicious recipes for meals and desserts with a healthy twist. These are inspired from my Japanese culture and foods.

Vintage Collector

I collect timeless, one of a kind pieces with strong personalities that would be a great addition to anyone's closet.
I have a collection of Japanese magazines that represent the fashion of Japan as it relates to the history and evolution of products.


I have 15 years of sales in the fashion retail and wholesale industry to share, as well as a well rounded expertise in fashion.
Every business or outfit tells a story and I would love to help to navigate your own.
I am creatively attuned and can help you produce, create, or shoot any artistic projects you have in mind.



"A.SUKI believes the imperfections of nature is beauty, emphasizing unique and special characteristics.
Pushing to evolve notions of Ikebana art and womanhood,
A.SUKI attempts to defy traditional expression of Ikebana through intuition and through her perception as a modern young Tokyo woman."
- Beatriz Moreno (Videographer , Photographer Artist )-

I was raised by artists, surrounded by artists, and grew up as an artist. My mom made and sold clothes and jewelry, while my father made floral arrangements.
I make jewelry, create floral arrangements, cook, have 15 years of retail and wholesale experience in the fashion industry, photograph, creatively direct, produce, and in all am a creative. My many facets of creativity allow me to be flexible and open to new experiences.
I am always looking to creatively collaborate with fellow artists and trade our talents to create unique projects. My goal is to exchange my world to others and share the limitless experiences of beauty through art.

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