“Free yourself, Express yourself,
and Bloom your life” 


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Born and raised in Harajuku(the area that has been the mecca of unique fashion & culture), Tokyo ,Japan. I was raised by artists, surrounded by artists, and grew up as an artist.
My mom made and sold clothes and jewelry, while my father made floral arrangements. I am a third generation Ikebana artist.

On my father’s side, my grandmother was a master of “Manyo Koryu” style ikebana and My grandfather was a kimono merchant. And my father trained in “Koryu” style ikebana and eventually started his own free-spirited style ikebana called “Hanajuku” which he continues to preside over to this day.
I create my own style of mixing traditional and classic Japanese ikebana with western flower arrangement techniques. Definitely I am father’s daughter, I carry on his free spirited legacy adding a twist of my own spice.

On my mother’s side, my grandmother ran the Japanese sweets bakery store. My mother studied the art of clothes and jewelry making in dressing school, sold her work in Japan, and inspired me to follow suit.
During my teenage years, my mother and I would go shopping for supplies and make jewelry together.
Later in 2020, I began making jewelry again, as I had more time at home because of Covid 19.
I use the same beads from Japan along with more vintage pieces. This sustainable practice allows me to reconstruct vintage pieces and make them my own. I love mixing the great quality and unique sense of an era each bead has with my own style and culture.
Each piece of jewelry I construct is timeless and not based on current passing trends. I hope to express myself more through my jewelry.

In my own element, I have always had a passion for fashion and all things creative. Becauce born and raised in Harajuku, I was immediately immersed in the mecca fashion of the town. This was a rare environment to grow up in and I am lucky to have experienced this creatively motivated atmosphere from such a young age.
Also, living in a global minded environment, I picked up English quickly. My extensive background in sales is a great asset to my business. I am skilled in English, as I have used my skills for business transactions while working for international brands for the past 15 years.
I have tremendous love and respect for brand that they have concepts and products. I enthusiastically am taking on new challenges, am considerate to fellow teammates, have great communication skills, and deal with situations flexibly.

My many facets of creativity allow me to be flexible and open to new experiences.
I am always looking to creatively collaborate with fellow artists and trade our talents to create unique projects.

My goal is to exchange my world to others and share the limitless experiences of beauty through art.

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My Motto

My motto is
“Free yourself, Express yourself, and Bloom your life” which most definitely translates into my free spirit creations unbound by traditional rules and restrictions.
And I always try my best to deliver the experinces that will remember as something  memorable time.

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My Style 

My creation style is free styling , it's like a cooking.
My inspirations come from everywhere .
My main feature of Ikebana is to perform live in front of an audience, providing viewers with a highly entertaining look into how my pieces are created.
And my jewerly is to mix unique sense of an era each bead has with my own style and culture ,and to make timeless pieces.