Exhibition Vol.1 -Debut Exhibition-

Debut Exhibition

In 2014, I had the opportunity to create a floral arrangement for a live audience in a beautiful red room. I decided to design a sexy and exotic space to compliment the red environment. I usually listen to music while I create floral arrangements, so I played music that matched the energy of the room for the audience to be fully immersed into the experience. 

This setup allowed me to immerse the audience into my world of creating and understand the behind the scenes that plays into the floral arrangements.

This new experience also allowed me to challenge myself to see how I could style my arrangements with the new pressure of an audience. 

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Perfomance Youtube

Photos : Frederick M. 
Video : Ayaka
DJs : Tikini, NCA
Supervisor : Yoshio K.
Direction / Total Produce : A.SUKI
Venue : Members Only Lounge, Roppongi