Exhibition Vol.2 -In My Element-

In My Element

In 2015, I had my second exhibition and the theme was -Free yourself, Express yourself, Love your life-.
This performance was a few month after my dear brother passed away that really hit me deep and hard.
I needed to express my thoughts through my art. ( I wasn't ready to share about my brother's story to anyone at the moment though)
Before this performance I spoke from the heart and non scripted the following quote, the homage to my borther Yamato who has most pure and tender soul  :

Skin color 
Beyond all of those things 
Pls spread your love 
Pls express yourself 
I'm here with you today right now 
No practice for today
Let's work it out together 
This is our night 
Let's create together 
Pls Feel me 
And I feel you back 
This is my element
And you are in my element
Don't be quiet 
Pls just Enjoy”

My goal with this exhibition was to connect with everyone beyond the defining elements of a person. I am a free spirit and used this exhibition as a way to express my true self in the moment.
I find today that it is more difficult to enter this peace of silence. We are always distracted with technology, people, activities, etc. that we often forget what makes us happy.
Creating makes me happy. This performance was an invitation from me to the audience to explore themselves and enjoy the peace away from reality.

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Performance Video

Photos : Motty 
Video : Ayaka
Pianist : Ygal
Singer : Yumi Shizukusa
Beat Boxer : Chusei
DJs : Tikini, DnZ
Supervisor : Yoshio K.
Direction / Total Produce : A.SUKI
Venue : Saravah Tokyo , Shibuya