Exhibition Vol.3 -Blooming Feminity-

Blooming Feminity

In 2016, I had my third exhibition and my goal was to share my idea and image of beauty.
To express this idea, I decided to do a photoshoot of the flowers with young, female models.
Many photographers alter their image and only focus on the sexualized aspects of femenine beauty present in the media. I disagree with this practice and used this exhibition to express how I feel about women and beauty.
Women and flowers are very similar; they are both beautiful and delicate, so I intended to capture both elements in the same image.
This show was accompanied by a cellolist and a Okinawan singer songwriter (native japanese singer songwriter ) that embody the pure nature and beauty of femininity. The atmosphere was very peaceful, healing, and angelic.

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Photos : Miki Yamato
Cellolist : Nananko Kobayashi
Okinawan Singer Songwriter : Lisa Oki
DJs : DnZ
Supervisor : Yoshio K.
Venue : World Styiling Gallery, Harajuku

<Photo Shoot Credit>
Photos : Miki Yamato
Models : Shizuka Minagawa, Keiko Machida, Shanti
Make Up / Hair : Chiaki Tsuda, Ayaka Marubayashi
Direction / Total Produce : A.SUKI