Exhibition Vol.4 -Tokyo Blossoms-

Tokyo Blossoms

In 2017, I had my fourth exhibition where I continued the exploration of women’s power and beauty and how it is represented in women in my hometown Harajuku and connects with the beautiful and delicate nature of flowers.
The photographer Beatriz (@missinglewood) and I produced photoshoot scenes for each season. The shooting took about 6 months and the results were displayed in a gallery at the exhibition.
This was such a fun project and Beatriz transformed my vision into powerful women including LGBTQ movement ideas. The Autumn photoshoot captured the iconic scene of the season by using yellow leaf carpet on the street as the setting. The Spring photoshoot was playful, focused on spring colors, and depicted a relaxed moment between girls chatting and eating. The models wore kimonos in a more modern way. The Summer photoshoot was an homage to my hometown Harajuku.
This represented all the young women I grew up with. Through this process I was able to explore myself as an artist.
I’m very appreciative of everyone who helped this project and came to visit our exhibition.

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Photos : Beatriz Moreno
DJ Playlist : SAKi SUKi SAKE
Supervisor : Yoshio K.
Venue : World Styiling Gallery, Harajuku

<Photo Shoot Credit>
Photos : Beatriz Moreno
Models : Shizuka Minagawa, Steffie Harner, Keiko Machida, Nami Miyazaki, Risa Maeda
Make Up / Hair : Natsuki Ishizaka , Chiaki Tsuda
Kimono Designer : Eri Odaira
Direction / Total Produce : A.SUKI