Live Performance -Eishi Sassou 英姿颯爽” for Silk Horse Club @Hotel New Otani-

Eishi Sassou 英姿颯爽

In 2019, I was very honored to get an offer from Silk Horse Club, a members only horse racing club dating back to 1985, as a guest performancer for their celebration event.

The venue is at regendary Hotel New Otani which is one of most iconic hotels in Japan, and the event room is the biggest room that I have seen in TV shows, movies, or all historical events.
Now do you understand a little bit of how nervous I was before the event?? 

It was a member's exclusive event, and it was a big challenge for me to perform for more than 1,000 people who don’t know anything about me. Additionally, the performance time was only three minutes and I was used to performing for an hour.
I wanted to share something very special and catchy and have been wanting to connect my flower work and dancing for a while, so I was very happy to finally make it happen.
The title “ Eishi Sassou “ means the image that horses dash the field not only with dignity and elegance, but also with force. 

I couldn't think of a better person to collaborate with than Keiko Zama, who is my dear friend I used to dance with in college. Since then, she has pursued her passion for dance and established a professional career in dancing.
It was so nice to reminisce and I couldn't be happier to perform again with her. 
I couldn't be done without you Keiko , Thank you so much! 

I also got so much support from my arrangement class students and my father. Special thank you to Maya san and Maya for this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you again to everyone who supported me, and shared the moment with me. 

I will go onward this year to perform and create more in my new home, Miami. 
To be continued! 

Perfomance Youtube
Full Performance 
Behind Of Scenes 1 

Behind Of Scenes 2  
Behind Of Scenes 3 
Behind Of Scenes 4
Behind Of Scenes 5

Photos : Kenya Ishikawa
Video : Ayaka, Ameya
Dancer : Keiko Zama
Assistant : Masako Maruta, Tomohiro Katashima
Kimono Designer : Eri Odaira
Make Up/ Hair : Natsuki Ishizaka
Supervisor : Yoshio K.
Booking / Agent : Mai Suzuki
Client : Silk Horse Club , Maya Sakurai
Direction / Total Produce : A.SUKI
Venue : Hotel Otani Tsuru-no-ma